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Affiliate partner among the TOP 10

After three years of existence, the significant Contentiamo influencer network became one of the 10 largest affiliate partners in the program in April and May. The campaign carried out by influencers from the Contentiamo platform for the e-shop in the affiliate network also helped.

Contentiamo, which exclusively cooperates with the affiliate network, has a database with a large number of content partners, including bloggers proud of the title of Blogger of the Year, and a significant number of influencers with instagram profiles and a significant number of creators on Youtube.Marie Neradová, influencer manager of the Contentiamo network, evaluates the campaign as follows:”We worked really well with Elnino, which I think was the main reason for the success of the whole campaign. Kristýna, an affiliate manager from Elnina, trusted us and left us free with both the choice of influencers and the choice of platforms for promotion. She believed in our experience and that we knew our bloggers really well. The output of the joint campaign was specifically YouTube videos, blog articles and a series of instastories. We tried to mix a range of possible platforms and creators who were selected for the campaign. They were beauty enthusiasts, professionals and lifestyle-oriented bloggers. I think it really suited us together. The result speaks for itself.

On behalf of the Elnino client, the manager Kristýna Košťáková evaluates the cooperation with Affiliate and Price Comparators:”I evaluate the cooperation with the Contentiamo platform very positively. I asked Ms. Maria Neradová to send me a portfolio of influencers, which according to their experience would be great candidates for cooperation with We met Maria in person over coffee, and discussed in detail both the possibilities of cooperation and technical support, which We content independently. Everything was secured properly. From communicating with bloggers to evaluating them. Promotional visuals were also sent to me. I was very satisfied with the results of the cooperation. I also appreciate the very nice, friendly and fast communication. I can only recommend cooperation with Contentiamo within affiliate marketing!

As a partner of, Contentiamo has set itself the goal of educating and engaging the influencer community in performance marketing since its inception, where affiliate marketing plays a dominant role around the world. Over 600 influencers are registered in the advertisers’ affiliate programs under the Contentiamo network. There are creators working mostly on the blog, YouTube and Instagram. After many successful campaigns, which are created in a combination of performance and brand marketing, campaigns that combine both of these directions prove to be the most effective.

Initially, e-shops only pushed creators into performance marketing, now in recent months a fairer model of cooperation for creators is beginning to be promoted, and that is a combination of CPA and CPC. Practically, the e-shop pays the influencer a fixed amount, or supplies him with a product barter and combines this bonus with affiliate cooperation, further by paying per click plus paying a commission on the goods sold. When setting up cooperation exclusively with the CPA model, most e-shops are aware that the influencer is a so-called opener of interest, or one that stimulates interest in the goods at the end customer. Therefore, e-shops award him payment for both the customer brought in and the sale. And commissions for creators are usually set at the highest possible commission levels.”We are glad that Contentiamo is going in the right direction and that it is filling a gap in the market. It offers a combination of performance and brand marketing for e-shops and at the same time everything is precisely measured in technology. The e-shop has all transactions and campaign costs in real time.” says Robert Studený, co-founder of the influencer network.

So far, we have significantly collaborated with Contentiamo on hundreds of campaigns, for example with clients such as Tescoma, Astratex, Elnino, Superzoo, Insportline, MAll.TV, and others. The global pandemic influencer marketing did not slow down, on the contrary, the interest of e-shops in the involvement of influencers in their affiliate programs and thus the tracking of their results in the network increased.