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How can I, as an influencer, get a brand to collaborate with me?

We often come across our clients that they are under daily fire from messages from influencers who ask them for cooperation. According to our clients, this do not work out, so today we have prepared a brief overview for influencers on how to attract brands, what to offer them and how to address them to the administration, so that it has some positive feedback.

1. What can you offer?

According to the brands, the most common problem is the method of communication. This is because it often does not contain any relative information on the part of influencers interested in cooperation. And unfortunately it is not possible without her. In the first message you write to the brand, put together what you can offer the brand and why it should be interested in cooperating with you. Put some numbers, story stats, profile reaches, successful collaborations that you already have, or any other added value. Are you a professional photographer? Great, that might also interest the brand. Do you have any other skills that the brand might hear about? Be sure not to mention them. Add information about your audience, who your audience is, and what content you usually share on networks, why you think your followers are following you, and what you’re passing on to them. This will help the brand to better orientate itself and based on this information will increase your chances of success.

Try to write as much relevant information as possible in the first report. If you have a price list, feel free to attach a price list. If you want to be more professional, try to create a media kit that will contain all this information.

The media kit should include:

  • who you are
  • photo of you or your content
  • what content on the networks you create
  • who is your target group
  • link to your platforms
  • with whom you cooperate
  • what is your price

2. Choose a serious platform to address

To reach the brand, it is more ideal to choose communication via e-mail. „I would like to collaborate“ messages sent via instagram direct are not a completely suitable way of communication. The brand is unlikely to write to you or get your message into the hands of the collaborators. So choose email. Whether it’s one that is listed on the web or try searching and finding an email for someone from the marketing department. You can use, for example, the professional social network LinkedIn.

3. Who to contact?

To address him, the influencer should choose a brand with which he sympathizes in some way. He either knows the brand’s products or services and uses them, or he admires the brand in some other way. The creator should not write to all brands on the market and wait for who to catch. He should think carefully about the address and really address only the person to whom he has something to offer.

Nowadays, companies often delegate influencer marketing to various agencies, which the creators offer them either from their databases or after researching the market. If influencer thinks he has something to offer agencies, he can address them with an offer.

4. What should the contact be like?

The address should be as clear and clear as possible. It is enough if it contains basic information, there is no need for the brand or agency to receive an extra long e-mail in the mailbox. It will certainly be enough simply and perhaps in points, just important things should not be forgotten. The first chance is a chance that will never be repeated, so it is necessary to write everything you need in the first e-mail.

The email was to be personalized. It should not happen that one universal is created and sent to 10 companies or agencies. Try to capture the brand you are addressing in some way. Pinpoint what specific products you like, which products you already use, or why you like the brand. Any evidence that you have a relationship with the brand is valid.

So what, influencers, are you clear about addressing brands? If you need help with anything, do not hesitate to contact us at

We are exited to connect with you.