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How to effectively create Instagram videos

Jak efektivně vytvářet videa na Instagram?

Today we are bringing you tips on how to effectively create Instagram videos, but we will also focus on the recommended dimensions to use when creating IG videos. We also recently wrote about the tools to use for influencer marketing, which you can read here.

We will focus on Reels, Instagram Stories, IGTV, but also on free and paid applications and tools that will help you create your content on the Instagram platform.

The dimensions of the IG video and why it is important

Just as it works on other platforms, Instagram video has its standard format. Standard aspect ratios used for IG videos include 1: 1, 4: 5 or 9:16 aspect ratio (especially for IGTV).

Surely you’ve noticed cut-off videos before – it’s because the right aspect ratio isn’t chosen. To prevent this, it is important to align other elements such as text, stickers, etc. to the center of the screen.

The video in feed

The videos in the Instagram feed are among the most typical and last from 15 seconds to 1 minute. You can find these videos in two formats – either portrait or landscape. For these videos, a 1: 1 ratio of 1080px x 1350 px is recommended.

Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories have been here with us for 11 years, thanks to which we can watch fun and engaging experiences in short videos lasting from 15 seconds to 1 minute. The best ratio for IG Stories is 9:16 with dimensions of 1080px x 1920 px.

IGTV dimensions

IGTV was launched in 2018 and the goal was to design a video application that will offer longer videos compared to the classic Stories on Instagram. Their length can be from 15 seconds to 10 minutes. The ideal aspect ratio of these videos is 9:16 as with Instagram Stories. Caution – if your IGTV is 10 minutes or less, it must not exceed 650 MB in size. The maximum you can reach is 60 minutes and the size is 3.6 GB.


Reels, which were launched last summer, are still relatively new to Instagram. It is these 15 second videos that are supposed to compete with TikTok. These short videos can contain sound, effects, and other creative tools, often encountered in the Explore section. The dimensions of Reels are the same as for IGTV, i.e. the ratio 9:16 and at the same time a full screen can be used here.

Instagram video format

If we want to create high-quality videos on the Instagram platform, we should be aware of the following formats:

  • MP4 or MOV
  • Maximum 60s long
  • Maximum width 1080px
  • Recommended height 920px

Tools for creating videos

Quik by GoPro

This application was originally intended for GoPro users only as a tool for editing video on the go. The advantages of this app include importing up to 500 items at once, the ability to add text and music, emojis, captions, or speed up and slow down the shot. In addition, it includes formatting directly for Instagram. What’s more, the application is free to download.


Magisto is an application developed directly for editing Instagram videos and is based on artificial intelligence – it can create videos based on sound and face recognition, landscape and action sequences. It is AI that will allow creators to streamline video creation. Benefits include HD resolution support, a wide range of filters and the ability to use your own branding. Magisto is a paid application, the price is from 5 USD per month.

Adobe Premium Rush

Adobe Premiere Rush is a free video editing application that also uses AI as before. This tool provides users with two types of adjustments. The first mode gives you flexibility in controlling all aspects of the editing process. The second mode, creates a video using smooth transitions after adding all the elements. Adobe Premiere Rush features include: cloud sync and video export for all social platforms.