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TOP 5 tools for influencer marketing

In order to create effective campaigns with influencers, it is sometimes necessary to obtain information that is not public, which means that we are not able to obtain it only through social networks and profiles of the influencers. We are only able to obtain information such as engagement, demographic distribution of the audience, partnerships with other brands, or growth statistics of followers through external tools. Often these tools are much faster and more effective than requesting this information directly from the influencer. In addition, influencers often do not even have much of this information. This type of information can help you both in deciding whether to address the influencer at all, and in reporting the agreed cooperation.

Today, let’s take a look at the TOP 5 tools we can recommend for Contentiamo.

According to the available information, Klear stands out among other tools for several reasons. One of them is very detailed and in-depth statistics about profiles, the other can be a very dynamic and clear environment. Another is the speed and, last but not least, the search and retrieval of statistics not only for influencers, but also for hashtags. However, Klear is the most expensive of all the tools mentioned.

Influtool is a tool that is relatively widespread in the Czech Republic and Poland. In the database you will find a lot of influencers from Central Europe. Influtool offers the ability to view instastories within a few months back. In addition to the classic functions, it is easy to find out which brands influencer has worked with in the past, or what keywords he has used.

Heepsy has more than 7 million influencers from around the world in its database. There you will find information about specific influencers as well as influencers that suit your specified requirements. For example, location, segment, or number of followers. In addition, Heepsy can organize selected influencers into lists, according to the goals of your campaign, or according to the selected segment.

Hypeauditor is probably the best known and most widespread tool in the Czech Republic. It has over 10 million influencers from Instagram and YouTube in its database. In addition, searching for influencers is possible through the quality of the audience, the rate of profile growth, or the average number of views.

Upfluence includes a database of over 3 million influencers with a combined reach of over 80 billion followers. Algorithms update all their profiles in real time, with each content analyzed in terms of reach and engagement. Basic audience data (age, gender, location) is also available for Instagram. In addition, Upfluence covers all major social media platforms: Instagram, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Twitch and Tiktok.


None of the tools are available for free in the full version. Prices are usually in the order of thousands of units per month. It depends on the complexity and the number of accounts you want to have in the tool. Most tools have demo versions, so there is nothing easier than trying them all and finding out which tool suits you best.