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Top 5 Influencer Campigns for Summer 2021

This summer was very rich in terms of content on social networks. With the loosening of government measures, influencers received new inspiration and a desire to devote themselves to creation. Some immediately scattered abroad, others decided to discover the beauties of the Czech Republic. Either way, the content of the instagram was full of interesting content. So before you wrap up in knitted sweaters, we bring you the last look back over the past summer and several interesting campaigns that arose in it.

@anetachroustova for D-sport

The popularity of the Reels format on the instagram is still growing. They have a nice reach, viewers like to watch them and influencers, on the other hand, like to create. Aneta, who is rightly called by her followers as the reels queen, also knows her stuff. You will find several of these short edited videos at Aneta, always with a good dose of creativity. One of our favorites is this, which was created as part of the D-sports campaign. For us, a great combination of commercial content with the classic one!

Source: Aneta Chroustova (@anetachroustova) • Fotky a videa na Instagramu

@milan_bezmapy for Answear

Milan Bez Mapy is a Slovak blogger who (as the name suggests) is mainly dedicated to travel. On his blog and social networks, he shares his experiences and interesting knowledge that he brings from his travels. In addition to great travel content, however, Milan is able to create contributions for promotional purposes in a casual and fun way. These include, for example, this video, which was created in collaboration with the Answear e-shop.

Source: Milan Bez Mapy (Bardún) (@milan_bezmapy) • Fotky a videa na Instagramu

@martin_mykiska for Aktin

Martin Mykiska himself, a feared critic of online creators (and not only those), has recently embarked on a commercial campaign. He joined forces with the fitness e-shop Aktin, on the basis of which this successful video was created. Tone of voice video and exaggerated editing perfectly harmonize with Martin’s overall recession communication. In addition, it can be seen that the video was very well received by Martin’s followers. They comment on the video not only very humorously, but even in the same style that Martin uses to express himself.

Source: Ing. Mikýř 🚀 (@martin_mikyska) • Fotky a videa na Instagramu

@brixinka, @ dominika.po and @dittaz for Kingswood

The art of doing nothing was the name of a campaign aimed at launching a new product of the Kingswood brand – a cider with a taste of sparkling wine. The launch brand was taken very creatively. They came up with a competition, the essence of which was to imitate one of the classic paintings, which Kingswood also added with his new drink. In addition to the beverage carton, the winner also received a voucher from Amazing Places. To support this campaign, Kingswood joined forces with creators Nikola, Dominika and Dita. It must be acknowledged that they really succeeded in reproducing the image!

Source: Nikola Braxatorisová (@brixinka) • Fotky a videa na Instagramu

@kovy_gameballcz for Adidas

Karel Kovář, or Kovy, started as a youtuber with a focus on gaming. However, several years have passed since then, and currently Karel is considered one of the strongest voices of his generation in the Czech Republic. In addition, Karel has not been hiding his orientation for a long time, so we think that the world brand Adidas could not have chosen a better creator for its Love Unites collection. As part of the Kovys campaign on Instagram, he shared this post, in which he removes a sticker from his Adidas kit, which he compares to all that society has already given him during his lifetime. He thus encourages others to avoid similar boxing and social stickers.

Source: Kovy / Karel Kovář (@kovy_gameballcz) • Fotky a videa na Instagramu