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How can you secure your profile on Instagram? That is what you will learn at workshop #StaySafeOnline

Safety on the internet is a topic that will not leave the public or online spaces. Do you think the classical methods of security are enough? The actor Zdeněk Piškula, singer Karel Gott or fighter Karel Vémola would say this is definitely not the case as their Instagram profiles have already been attacked by hackers. Expert in online safety Kateřina Linková will help you in our workshop #StaySafeOnline with how to combat these problems.

How can you secure your profile on IG, FB or YouTube? What are the most common mistakes in the protection of your online privacy? Kateřina will help you to defend yourself against traps of the online world.

At the workshop we will focus not only on online security issues that can endanger you as an influencer, but Tomáš Němeček will also guide us through another big problematic area – the legal standards that you should follow. All attendees of the workshop will also find refreshments, wine, and gift bags containing products from our brands.

What exactly will you learn at the workshop?

  • How to secure your profile on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube
  • What are the most common mistakes in protection of your online privacy
  • How you can defend yourselves against the traps of the online world
  • How the basic principles of you profile copyright work
  • How to obey the law as an influencer from the perspective of advertising
  • What threatens influencers in the case of non-compliance of business conditions


You can learn more directly at the workshop #StaySafeOnline 23.1.2020 at Jungmann Square in Prague, where you will be warmly welcomed.

Team Contentiamo