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How does it work – collaboration with brands on social media channels

Cooperation with Youtubers

Affiliate operates on the principle of e-shop (client) paying a commission from each order made thanks to Influencer. In cooperation with youtubers, this is an extremely attractive way of working together for both parties. Youtuber gets a product to include in his video. But that’s not all. Thanks to the affiliate link and tracking on the e-shop side, it brings the commission paid (in%) of the value of each order.

So he has a great motivation to introduce the product so that it sells, because the total sales earnings depend on how much products sell. And the advertiser is calm because he knows that his interest (ie sell) is consistent with Youtuber’s interest and therefore there is no disaster (even if it’s all shot on three cameras and a drone).


Just as this system works in a number of jobs (fixed salary + performance bonuses), it can also work with Youtubers. Youtuber will receive a free product sample for the video, possibly even a fixed pay + commission on sales that depends entirely on how the Influencer can promote the product.

The biggest advantage of this medium for the viewer is the fact that the information is served to him without the need for active engagement – no need to read anything. There are many ways to exploit the potential of the video. Whether they are tutorials, demos, interviews, or polls, it’s always necessary to create quality video that will appeal to users.

Cooperation with bloggers

Writing a blog is not primarily a business affair, most bloggers write their posts out of enthusiasm and purely for joy. However, if you spend a lot of time and effort on your blog, why not use the advertising space and the potential? And if you decide to take advantage of it, why not find out how much your blog can make?

Advertising promotion through the Contentiamo system is very simple and transparent. The Contentiamo network connects advertisers (brands) with Influencers and blogs. Bloger then places any kind of brand’s advertising on his or her own site. For every order those bloggers bring to the brand, they receive a commissions. Additionally, the customer does not have to buy at the e-shop right now – the system tracks it for up to 45 days and the blogger gets commissions for every purchase within this deadline. That’s why if the customer did not buy the product through the first click, it’s not a problem.

You can choose who you want to promote and how. From more than 300 e-shops we offer, you can pick the category that interests you most: fashion, beauty, food, sports, travel and more.

No one will dictate what kind of ad you have on your blog. You can choose exactly the one that suits you thematically, whatever works for you best. You know who is visiting your site and what they’re interested in.

By agreeing to the offer “I’ll publish ads or write ad articles for a fixed amount,” you are automatically losing the chance to find out what your blog’s traffic is, learn about the value of your work, your creativity. It’s all because fixed pay for your work is not better than a commision- the money which could end in your pocket is poured into the pocket of the brands that use your blog. Do not be manipulated, find out how much your blog can earn and make interesting sums thanks to the affiliate cooperation


Appropriate distribution of images that are relevant to the text is now a necessity. The reader’s attention is very short (only a few seconds) and noone reads long blocks of text. The image forces the reader to continue reading, the text is optically divided into several shorter parts that are more user-friendly.

It is best to use your own pictures and photos to increase the authenticity of the content. This is often not possible and so it is necessary to turn to the photo-banks, which can often be expensive. But even this problem has a solution. Below are a few sources of photos that are absolutely free and easy to use. Just check the license for the photo (for what purpose you can use it).