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How to find out who has fake followers? Tips and tricks

The development of social networks has accelerated significantly in recent years. Whether we look at the possibilities of shopping, shooting and editing videos, or creating and sharing audiovisual recordings. The digital weed of so-called Fake followers has also spread with networks. They most significantly affect Instagram and we present you with a few simple steps and tips on how to come up with these fake followers.

On the Internet, we can read a lot about this topic about the fact that fake followers are the most hurting companies promoting Instagram through influencers. Some influencers consciously pay for them, others do not. And it is those who do not do it consciously that can hurt followers in the first place. But you won’t read about it on the internet anymore. What do we mean by how to defend against such a danger as an influencer and how to recognize it?

Do not use paid programs like

We recommend that you do not use paid promotions, where you must enter your passwords and which should help you gain new fans for your profile using “organic reach”. Often these are just other fake accounts, sometimes built by the company itself. Such an example from the Czech environment is, whose services we tested to verify its authenticity, and we can say from our own experience that from our point of view it is about obtaining fake accounts that seem to look real, or other influencer accounts registered for the same service but who don’t know about tracking your profile.

How to recognize fake followers without an application or site?

Therefore, we do not need much skill to know that the influencer we want to address with a collaboration offer has a large number of fake followers. In fact, a few easy steps are enough to save us a messy campaign. These steps are, for example:

Compare followers

The influencer should not monitor a large number of people, if so, it could be involved in an automatic clicking system, such as the aforementioned After searching among its followers, it should also not be possible to search for followers with special Instagram names, typically a name containing a foreign name, or many other hyphens and underscores. Observers should also be age-proportional to the target group of influenza, ie. The Czech influencer with the target group of mothers should not have a predominantly immature audience from abroad.

Engagement rate

It should not be too low. The number of the average engagement score differs for a different influencer. If the values ​​are below these numbers, it is important to find out why this is the case. It does not always have to be about fake followers, but simply about a lower engagement rate, which can be caused by several factors. Most often need lower activity in the past.

Currently, the standard engagement rate for influencers is set at between 2-3 %.

You can check the engagement rate for free on several sites, one of which is

Hearts and comments

Although it may seem unnecessary to examine the likes and comments of individual posts that this is a nonsense due to the engagement rank. Today, a quite sophisticated system of “likes” and comments created by instagram shoes, is used within social networks. They often like and comment on everything. Comments are then often simple and can be applied to everything, such as the comment “good photo” or just fire emoticons.

Systems, applications and sites for recognizing fake followers

Probably the most well-known applications and sites, which are used to detect false monitors. But also to evaluate the engagement of influencers in general, undoubtedly include, for example, Hype Auditor, Dovetale, FakeCheck or Upfluence.

On the contrary, we wrote about the tools that help influencer marketing in the article “TOP 5 tools for influencer marketing“.