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Why should brands and influencers be on Pinterest in 2021?

The social network, Pinterest, has been on the market since 2009, however, like Instagram, it has been fully functioning and open to the public since about 2012. It has experienced extreme highs and lows during this time. Why should anyone still be interested in this brand? And what is it good for? Covid-19 has changed everything. 

In the beginning of 2012, Pinterest had around eleven million users. Since then its growth was sometimes painfully slow, its share price fell and it was long overshadowed by Instagram. 2020’s pandemic started to change that. People have been going online more than ever before, driving Pinterest’s users up by more than 37% (about 4 million new users per month). While it reported 300 mil. active users in 2019, today that number is already over 440 mil. 

Numbers for the Czech Republic don’t look that bad either. There were already 1.2 mil. active Pinterest users in 2019. In the same year, Instagram had less than double that number of active users (2.2 mil. users). Pinterest still hasn’t published its numbers for 2020, but with the worldwide trend we can expect the same here. 

The whole approach changed

Not only did the global situation change in 2020 with regards to the pandemic. Social networks like Instagram and Pinterest came out with improvements that help users make purchases more easily. Pinterest even boasts a large number of users only buying the things they inspire them to.

The last reported numbers in 2019 show the most popular categories on Pinterest as: art, DIY, crafts, education, entertainment and architecture. IKEA and even the czech Bonami are examples of companies successfully selling their products on Pinterest. 

So why should you be on Pinterest?

Pinterest boasts a huge percentage of users who only use the app to buy things that inspire them.Thanks to Pinterest’s visual appearance, finding products from different brands is easy. However, the whole process takes place without the knowledge of the brands, only according to the visual of the product. This gives companies space to be visible next to large brands such as IKEA, only thanks to a unique design, a different price or a better photo. The same is true for influencers who move in the field of fashion, tattoos or DIY. They, too, have a great opportunity to gain new fans on their other social networks and blogs only thanks to Pinterest, which is not primarily influenced by the profile’s viewership and reach, but by matches and results in search pins.