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MMA Fighters in a Fashion Campaign

Zapojili jsme MMA zápasníky do kampaně

Contentiamo regularly includes online creators of various sizes in our campaigns – from micro-influencers, bloggers, wide-ranging creators, to Youtubers. We always carefully select influencers according to various criteria such as viewership, reach, engagement, or target group so that they correspond to the client’s preferences. Most often, these are creators from the fashion, beauty, and lifestyle segment, where we have the most represented brands. In November last year, we had the opportunity to create a pre-Christmas campaign with a foreign fashion client, in which we involved faces from the wrestling world for the first time. In today’s article, we would therefore like to summarize how this cooperation went.

The Selection of Influencers

We decided to include in this campaign, in addition to the more well-known faces from the fashion segment, also a bit untraditionally Slovak MMA fighters. The goal was to bring the brand to the wider public and thus attract a new target group, which revolves around fighters and MMA.

Contentiamo currently has over 650 creators from various areas of interest. Nevertheless, influencers from the ranks of MMA wrestlers have not been a part yet. We selected wrestlers of various sizes and ratings to compare effectiveness. We involved Samuel Krištofič, Ľudovít Klein, and Pavol Neruda from Oktagon MMA in the campaign.

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The Course of the Campaign

Since all the creators fall under one agency, the communication took place through the creator’s manager. We clarified all the conditions of cooperation and then ensured proper briefing. One of the obstacles we encountered at the beginning of the campaign was communication. We had to communicate information from the client to all creators via a manager. For this reason, output planning has often been extended. Furthermore, we see a difference between working with fashion influencers, in that the outputs had to go through a more thorough inspection.

As for the posts themselves, the photos were of good quality, and the collaboration was properly marked. The output was in the form of a post in the feed, where the wrestlers were photographed in the client’s outfits and affiliate links to specific pieces from the outfit were swiped up in the instastories. The average reach of the creators for posts and stories was 65,000.

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Evaluation of Cooperation

The campaign with MMA fighters had more of a brand benefit than a performance one. We managed to reach a new target group and the fighters had the opportunity to try working with a fashion client and affiliate marketing first-hand. However, we believe that this segment was not entirely their cup of tea, for which we see potential more in segments such as sports and fitness. For a fashion client, we would therefore still primarily recommend influencers directly from this segment, whose followers are used to the given content. We believe that we would better reach the target group and at the same time increase performance turnover.