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New Czech applications and sites helped by lockdown

Although we have been struggling with closed shops, restaurants, fitness centers and other services for more than a year, which are losing huge earnings or have already completely gone bankrupt, lockdown has brought a lot of new applications and websites to the Czech online space, which would have been difficult without it. We bring you an overview of Czech internet news that you may know, you may only get to know.

Netflix, HBO, all social networks and the new Clubhouse are experiencing a huge boom and influx of spectators and fans during the lockdown period. But they are not alone. We should not forget about Czech internet hits such as Knihobot, Kinobox, Dramox, Randebox or Nesnězeno. Let’s imagine them.


Although it has been a long time since the Knihobot project was created. It has seen a significant increase in the Czech online scene in the last year. It is an online antiquarian. Which involves in the sale of anyone who wants to pass on their book, which lies at home unnoticed. He then receives a commission from the sale. In addition to the book secondhand, as Knihobot is nicknamed, this year was joined by the financial partner Miton from the field of e-commerce. Which should help expand this project not only in the Czech Republic but also abroad, starting with Slovakia.



The term Dramox hides a streaming page. We could not imagine similar content as Netflix. This is despite the fact that it works on a similar principle as him, on a monthly subscription and registration. However, the content of the selected audiovisual films is different. They are recordings of theatrical performances. Dramox itself states that most of the subscription goes back to theaters, game creators and the actors themselves.

Moje kino LIVE

At the beginning of 2020, the Moje kino LIVE project was created in the Czech environment. Such as responds naturally to closed cinemas and tries to compensate, at least partially and temporarily, for the loss of cinemas. Most of Prague’s and Brno’s smaller cinemas took part in the project, such as Bio Oko, Aero, Světozor, the Scala University Cinema from Brno or Bio Central from Hradec. In contrast to the classic visit to the cinema, this project offers a debate with film experts or a discussion with film dramaturgs after the performance.


In the age of closed restaurants and other places that served as a romantic remedy for couples in love before the lockdown. It is difficult to invent an activity other than Netflix. An alternative to these public romantic meetings. However, was provided by the Randebox website, which has been operating on the market for several years. The pandemic has nevertheless contributed significantly to the growth of this method of home dating.


Application Nesnězeno

Like the other businesses listed here, the Nesnězeno application began to work and develop before the pandemic. However, Lockdown gave her space for expansion as well as a unique space for rescuing some restaurant facilities. The applications before the outbreak of the pandemic brought a discount on uneaten meals. Which would have to be discarded after the closing time. After the outbreak of the pandemic, the Brno developers decided to expand the application to include the offer of classic meals of the involved catering establishments in order to support their business. Through the Application, you can also donate food to seniors, the homeless or healthcare professionals for a hundred crowns during a pandemic.


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