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Performance campaign case study

In March and April 2020, we created a performance campaign with the creators from our Contentiamo platform for the Elnino client ( and this is a case study.

Campaign goals

Campaign goal was especially performance in the form of sales support during a pandemic. A special 10% discount code was created for bloggers, which was valid for 14 days from the release. We used it as a motivation of their followers to buy products at Elnino store. The other side of the campaign was to support beginning creators and show them all the possibilities of Contentiamo’s and Elnino cooperation.

Selection of creators

The Contentiamo platform has over 500 creators to choose from. In the case of a client who is focused on cosmetics and the beauty segment, we choose the selection of creators who are close to cosmetics. We focused on their reach, engagement, audience and tried to mix the creators, so that they do not overlap their target group together. We have selected beauty professionals and also lifestyle girls who are mainly interested in fashion and cosmetics are such a natural complement to them.

The client have got a pre-selection of ten creators, from whom four girls were then selected by joint the campaign.  YouTubers  Blueberry Pink,  S láskou Alice,  beauty enthusiast  Baru Šminky,  micro influencer  Kesulatko

Implementation and selected platforms

The cooperation with the Elnino client in this spirit took place for the first time, so we wanted to try all the possibilities that influencer marketing offers us and find out what has the greatest potential in the case of the beauty segment. The result was two YouTube videos in which the client was mentioned and the affiliate link was inserted under the video, a classic blog article that focused only on the cosmetics. The last platform that was used were instastories (short videos on the Instagram platform, which you can see just for 24 hours). All four bloggers were provided with a product barter and subsequent affiliate commissions. All bloggers were properly briefed and told what the goal of the campaign was.


The output was two videos on the YouTube platform, one blog article and one series of instastories.

Concrete video from Veronika – Blueberry Pink

Concrete article on the blog My new beauty book 

The total result was 43 sales that were made through affiliate link. The total number of clicks was 4,258, which we evaluate very positively in the volume of creators.

Both Contentiamo and client Elnino were satisfied with the campaign, also our four bloggers.