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Virtual reality from home

Virtual experiences push the boundaries. They destroy time, space, opportunities, possibilities, but above all they give you the opportunity to become whatever you want to be. Until you try it, you cannot describe the feeling. “You know that it isn’t real, but it really actually looks like it!” writes the blogger  Brněnská máma, who, thanks to Contentiamo, had the possibility to try out the glasses with her whole family.

By putting on the glasses, the living room disappears and you find yourself in a cave, you choose a game by aiming a lightsaber, and then you’re standing on a rock above a waterfall and you feel a little sick looking down,” she writes in  her article. Despite claiming to be a non-technical type, she writes that the arranging, handing over, activating and playing were very simple.

From the youngest to the oldest member of the family, everyone always found a different game that would enchant the player for hours at a time. „Bottom line – the experience of borrowing the virtual reality player from  was truly great. We all had a lot of fun and I’m sure that when the kids get a little bigger they’ll try the VR set again,” Brněnská máma  sums up her experience.