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Mother’s Day Promotions

Mother’s Day is one of several days a year in which we can pay homage to motherhood and give our mothers, who always include us with care and love. This holiday is celebrated every year on the second Sunday in May and therefore falls on a different day each year. This year, the holiday will be celebrated on Sunday, May 9.

In the Czech Republic, this holiday, like most other holidays of Anglo-Saxon origin, began to be celebrated only after 1989 after the fall of communism. After all, the initiative of this holiday comes from the United States of America in the 20th century. Paradoxically, modern Mother’s Day is quite criticized for commercial matters.

In honor of this holiday, we have prepared a short list of discount promotions for you, divided by segments, which you can either use yourself or promote on your platforms to generate commissions from each order placed. For those of you who use Contentiamo affiliate links for the first time, the article How to share affiliate links on social networks, which we wrote on the blog in the past, will certainly come in handy.

Care, health, and beauty

Care, health and beauty - Pilulka, Wavita, Lékarna


sales - Sephora, Notino, Fann, Elnino



Zoot, Answear, Astratex, Bibloo


Footshop, eobuv, CCC, Vermont


House, hobby and garden

Jena nabytek, Softcotton, Bonami, XXXlutz



D-sport, Insportline, Sportobchod, Alpine pro



Electro - hej, datart, mall, okay


Fun and products for children

Feedo, Knihy Dobrovsky, Jabadaba, Bambule