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What does affiliate mean to blogger Veronika

We interviewed blogger Veronika from the Blueberry Pink channel about how she managed to monetize her work and how she perceives affiliate marketing. Veronika works on three platforms, Instagramblog and YouTube, and has been working with affiliate marketing for several years through the Contentiamo platform, which was created for creators like Veronika.

1. Hello Veronika, for a start, we are interested in how you got into blogging, or rather making videos, and how your steps continued to make you think of monetizing your channel.

Hello, it’s actually more of a coincidence. In college, I had an optional subject of photography, and since the school discs were forever full and there was nowhere to store photos, we all had to start a blog and photos with short descriptions were inserted there. I enjoyed it, so I started the Blueberry Pink blog, where I gave various photos of what I was interested in at the time and wrote about it. Gradually, the blog spread among people and the first videos began to appear. Since I was writing mainly about DIY projects at the time, it was often difficult to photograph the process and it was easier to show it. And so he somehow broke my Youtube channel, although those DIY projects didn’t show up that much again. Only over time did I realize that the content could be monetized. For the first few years, I didn’t know it at all, then I struggled with the settings for a long time, and when, after four years of working on Youtube, I received the first two thousand for advertising, I still couldn’t believe it.

2. When did you first learn about the form of affiliate and earning commissions through it?

It will also be some Friday. My very first affiliate was through Aliexpress at the time. I shot a Youtube video, where I showed what I bought there and someone put a link to an affiliate platform in Russia in the comments, which worked surprisingly.

3. What were your beginnings with using affiliate links?

Somewhat skeptical. I still didn’t believe that I would get money for someone to click somewhere and buy something. But when I saw that it worked, I started using the affiliate more.

4. Did you have any problems understanding the affiliate or did everything go smoothly?

I wouldn’t even say the problems, I didn’t know what to expect from it and how it works, so I googled a lot to find out some information. It was a necessity for the first affiliate platform in Russia. I found some instructions on Youtube, but unfortunately in Russian, so I followed only the pictures, but somehow I managed it. Contentiamo is much easier and intuitive. Although I would welcome some database of links, I have to keep it elsewhere like this.

When it comes to brand promotion, it’s diverse. In general, most of it is probably from cosmetics, then clothes and books. It depends on what you’re talking about or what I’m talking about on my social networks. It varies from month to month. When I point something at myself, conversions fly in that direction. When I shoot a video with used cosmetics, it’s again on e-shops of this type. It is not very possible to box it, it is quite intertwined and alternates.

5. What do you see as the biggest advantage in using affiliate links?

Probably the fact that part of the money spent on my purchases can be returned to me. I often use affiliate in cooperation with other companies and it works, so I’m happy. In addition, within the affiliate, I see how many people clicked on the link and what are the commissions from it, so even for me, this is feedback, what people are interested in and what I should talk about more in the future.

6. Is there something you, as an experienced YouTuber, could advise on beginners who are just getting to the affiliate within the affiliate?

Definitely to keep the above-mentioned database of links on Google Drive, for example. It often happens that followers repeatedly ask me about one and the same thing, so just touch the database and send the link. This will make the whole process of searching for a product on the Internet, copying an address into an affiliate program and creating a link easier. It often happens that I have the same question ten times a day, so it is much easier to copy a link ten times than to create it ten times.

7. Can you tell us what your highest commission was?

I don’t know the specific amount, but most of all it was in the Aliexpress videos.

8. How do you perceive affiliate marketing when you are alone on the customer side?

Definitely positive. I would be happy to support my favorite creators, if there is this possibility.