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Social Media News

Novinky na sociálních sítích

Many of us are certainly advanced users of social media that are part of our daily lives and often divert our attention from other traditional media. What’s more, the constant development of social media can often surprise us, as we don’t even have time to record various news and updates. However, social networks are constantly undergoing a process of testing new features, which allows us to take full advantage of them.

There was really a lot of news this time and to keep you in the picture, we bring you a summary of the most interesting ones that interested us the most. So let’s have a look at them.

Muting audio or video on IG Live

In the March article, we mentioned the new IG Live Rooms, within which we can stream with up to 3 other participants. But what is new is the muting of audio or video during live broadcasts via Instagram Live. A similar function is still offered, for example, by Clubhouse, but it is only a matter of turning off the audio.

Another good thing is that when you turn off the camera, your profile picture will be displayed, which you have set on your Instagram profile — it will not happen that a black window will look at you.

New stickers in Stories

Instagram is currently testing new stickers in Stories. One of them will be, the Link sticker, thanks to which you will be able to insert a link anywhere. Until now, only users with a minimum of 10,000 followers could insert links. However, it is not yet clear whether the sticker will be available to everyone or will again be limited by the number of followers. Even so, we have something to look forward to!

Hiding likes on Instagram and Facebook

After several months of testing, the developers of Instagram and Facebook have decided to open the possibility of hiding likes to all users of these platforms. With this step, they want to support content creation instead of posting content just to collect likes. You will be able to find this feature in Instagram and Facebook settings.

Instagram will allow publication before approval

Newly, online creators and influencers will have the opportunity to publish posts and stories before approval from the client. Once approved, the brand name will be displayed next to the published posts.

Listening to Spotify directly on Facebook

Facebook users will soon be able to play music from Spotify directly in the news feed. However, it is necessary to have the Spotify application installed at the same time. Until now, it was only possible to insert music into Facebook Stories from this application.

Planning Facebook Stories

In the latest News, we mentioned the planning of Instagram Stories. You will also find this same function in the Facebook Business Suite, so primarily administrators of FB sites can rejoice.

Creating WhatsApp ads for Facebook and Instagram

Soon, Whatsapp Business users will be able to create ads that will then appear on Facebook and Instagram. At the same time, there will also be a button that redirects the user back to the brand profile on Whatsapp.