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Novinky na sociálních sítích

During the pandemic, consumers turned away from traditional media sources and began to move more towards social media. Thus, new social networks are constantly appearing around us, and with them also improvements to those on which most of us have been working longer, such as Instagram, Facebook, or WhatsApp. What upgrades to these platforms have the developers brought this time and which ones are they going to release? Let’s take a look at them.

Instagram recently announced the launch of the Professional Dashboard. How will it be different from the original? In addition to the already established performance report, the new reports will provide access to tools that will help Instagram creators maximize and monetize their presence on the platform. The main goal is to increase user activity and facilitate tracking the performance of the platform. Are you looking forward to this feature?

Instagram has newly added the ability to stream with up to 4 participants within Instagram Live Rooms. Previously, it was possible to stream with only one added participant, as with Facebook Live. Great use of the new function will be, for example, during panel discussions, online events, or at live talk shows. With this step, Instagram also wants to support artists who cannot perform at events at this time due to covid restrictions.

With the never-ending growth of competing TikTok, Facebook is trying to retain its users and thus stop the permanent relocation to the competition platform. The creators will therefore want to allow Reels to gain more reach by being able to share it with Facebook Watch. Since December last year, therefore, Facebook has been trying to test the relocation of Reels to both the news feed and Facebook Watch. This feature is still in the testing process and is therefore only available to a select group of users.

The multiplatform WhatsApp has decided to allow users to make audio and video calls even on the desktop for greater comfort during longer conversations. This decision was also influenced by the fact that on New Year’s Eve we managed to break the record with 1.4 billion voice and video calls. He thus introduced the possibility of conducting these calls on a larger interface to facilitate calls both with family and with colleagues and clients. In addition, everything works in portrait and landscape, is displayed in a separate window and at the same time is set so that the window is placed in the foreground, so you can multitask with ease.

Instagram has now allowed its users to recover deleted posts for 30 days. For the first time, users of this social network can go through already deleted posts and, if interested, restore them to the feed. For security reasons, authentication is required when permanently deleting or restoring content from the Recently Deleted section. Photos, videos, reels, IGTV videos, and stories that the user deletes are automatically moved to the Recently Deleted Items folder. The only exceptions are stories that remain in this folder for 24 hours. How to get to this folder? You can find it in Settings> Account> Recently deleted in the latest version of Instagram.

In January 2019, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg mentioned that one of his goals was to merge all the platforms he owned, including Messenger, WhatsApp, and Instagram. Messenger and Instagram Direct have recently been merged, which in practice means that you can send messages to people to Messenger from Instagram and vice versa. Thanks to this merging, it is not necessary to download a separate application if you use only one of the platforms. This new feature will not be mandatory for users — you can keep them separate as before.