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Why do I need to install the Contentiamo code to my blog? What does it do to my web?

Why do I need the Contentiamo code?

Conentiamo code enables you to have more precise tracking and therefore more precise reports for your campaigns. These reports allow you to see not only clicks and sales but also impressions and URLs of the links of your campaigns. This means you have more information than using solely Manual Links — these can track only the basic statistics about clicks and sales. The data collected by the Contentiamo code are often crucial when a brand decides who to cooperate with. Another benefit of the code is automatic link and keyword transcription. Brand links and keywords get transcribed to affiliate links — links by which an e-shop knows that a customer came and made a purchase because of you.

Does the code slow down my web?

Contentiamo code is loaded asynchronously and independently of the page it is inserted in. The links are being transcribed once the page is fully loaded into a visitor’s browser. Slow-down of loading and responsiveness is therefore negligible. You can try it out by simply installing the code to your page and observing the speed changes (spoiler alert: there will be nothing observable).

Will the code installation alter my web?

The Contentiamo code does not change the links in and of themselves. It intercepts user interaction and redirects the users through our tracking servers only once a link is actually clicked on. By not altering targets of links in a page we do not prevent various web crawlers (Google search, …) from mapping the content and links in your pages.

The content of your web can be modified a little by the means of automatic keyword transcription. This feature, once enabled in the campaign setup, allows the Contentiamo code to crawl through your web, look for brand names and to convert these names to affiliate links. In order for the keyword transcription to work you have to have at least one active link to a brand’s domain in your page (so the Contentiamo code knows which brand names to look for) and the brand name as to match the brand name in the system (capital letters, diacritics, …).

Can I see the keyword transcription on an example?

Sure thing! Let’s say you notice ‘Notino CZ’ in you page — this text will not be replaced by a tracked link. First, you have to insert at least one link to any domain of Notino. You can find the domains in the brand detail section in Contentiamo. An observant reader surely notices that this will not make the keyword ‘Notino CZ’ change into an affiliate link; that is because there is not a 100% match to the brand name in the system. Only after we change the ‘Notino CZ’ keyword to ‘’ (according to the brand name in Contentiamo) will we see the keyword being replaced by an affiliate link, pointing to the homepage of the brand.