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TOP 10 Contentiamo creators for 2020

Which creators were most active in Contentiamo in 2020 and received the highest commissions through performance campaigns? We will look at this in today’s article.

The year 2020 was a big surprise for all of us. Nothing remained the same, and just as the behavior of travelers, tourists, and sales managers changed, also changed the behavior of influencers and their followers. The shopping place has moved from classic shopping centers and boutiques to an online space, which has created great conditions for our influencers to promote e-shops through affiliate marketing.

Not only the behavior of influencers and their monitors has changed, but also the companies that are investing more and more resources in influencer marketing. In 2020 point-of-sale advertising, billboards and other outdoor advertising media has stopped working. Companies slowly but surely moved more into the online space, in which instead of the classic online advertising means start to used influencer marketing.

So let’s take a look at which influencers from the Contentiamo platform have been the most successful in the field of affiliate marketing this year.

S láskou Alice

Alice is a lifestyle blogger and YouTuber, the mother of two girls and, last but not least, a transformational life coach. It is currently followed by 14k followers on the instagram and has over 20,000 subscribers on YouTube. Through Contentiamo, she was successful in campaigns for, for example, Astratex, Elnino, Zlaté zrnko, or Brašnářství Tlustý.

Blueberry Pink

Veronika is also a lifestyle blogger and YouTuberka dealing with cosmetics, reading, Yankee Candle and currently a house she is building. This year she was successful in the campaign for the brands Zoot, Elnino and Astratex.

Hanneton Monde

Aneta is a YouTuberka fashion, watched by over 56,000 followers on the instagram. He makes videos about fashion, travel and daily blogs. This year, Aneta moved to Prague, so her content was partly about arranging a new home. She was successful in campaigns for Zoot or Notino.

Ondřej Bortel

Ondra is a beauty YouTuber creating on YouTube under Ony’s profile. He create both daily blogs and videos full of cosmetics and make-up. His YouTube channel subscribes over to 63,000 followers. His top campaigns were for Sephora, Notino and Dr. Max.

Dva tátové

Dva tátové are Michal and David, the dads of two twins. On YouTube and instagram, he shares his life path and tips and tricks on what to do with children or what to entertain them with. In 2020, they were successful in the campaign for Zoot.

Z deníčku dentální hygienistky

Simona, as the name suggests, is a dental hygienist. On his instagram, he shares tips and tricks around his teeth and their proper cleaning. In 2020, she became a mother, so we’ll see where her content moves. Her successful campaigns were for Nazuby, Notino and Dr. Max.

Prostě Boží

Božena is a lifestyle blogger and YouTuberka, which you can find under the name Prostě Boží. It is watched by over 41,000 followers on YouTube. She participated in campaigns for Elnino, Robotický-vysavač, or D-sport.

Time to fit

Eliška Hudcová is mainly engaged in traveling and discovering all sorts of interesting destinations, especially mountains. She has over 46k followers on her Instagram profile. The campaign that really suited her this year was for Zoot.

Lovefashion Jana

Jana is the blonde from the duo Jana creating under the name lovefashion. Jana has over 47k followers on her instagram and shares mostly outfit tips, exercises or traveling. Her most successful campaign this year was also for Zoot.

Život podle Karol

Karol is the mother of three girls blogging on the platform Život podle Karol. On the blog, they share tips for trips, tips for toys, or how to buy comfortable shoes for children. This year was marked for her by the clients KnihyDobrovský, Benu and BeLenka.

We would like to thank all the creators for the year 2020 and we are looking forward to next year!