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Why was Contentiamo created?

Our goal is to build the biggest network, which will connect brands (Footshop, MALL, Notino, Decathlon, Bibloo) with bloggers, FB accounts, Youtubers, Influencers and other content publishers.

“Ti amo” is a famous love song by Umberto Tozzi. During 9 years of building affiliate marketing not only in the Czech and Slovak Republic, but also in Eastern Europe, we have grown fond of cooperating with publishers, who create content, help their followers and create some valuable quality on the Internet. That is why we used the name of the song for this unique platform. We put together the word Content + Ti amo (I love you) = Contentiamo.

We see that for the last few years affiliate in our CEE region developed the fastest out of all branches of online marketing. Hence this environment becomes more complex and unclear for the bloggers as the communication with brands gets more complicated.

Just imagine that you, as a publisher, have many different accounts in different currencies. You have to set up different trackings, check lots of statistics in many different platforms. Who can make sense of it all? What’s worse, you need to communicate with lots of different people in different affiliate programs for brands, often in different languages. So you end up having less and less time to work on your blog and that’s how the collaboration sometimes comes to an end.

After 9 years in business we got to personally know hundreds of bloggers and their needs. So we built a platform for them, uniting all of their affiliate marketing accounts into one. Here we combine all the reporting into one and also offer you other helpful tools to make the process easier and more user-friendly. Here’s a list of some of the benefits:

  • United account to access most of the top affiliate programs
  • United reporting, one source of payments and invoices
  • Local support (technology, support, currency)
  • One contact to communicate with all brands
  • Special tools for content websites making affiliation more effective and enhancing results

You can still communicate with all your brands and organize special campaigns with them. Thanks to our team of Publisher Managers you may also get individual terms, product samples or products to review from the brands. You don’t lose anything with Contentiamo, but you do gain so much!

Contentiamo platform has big plans for the future. With your feedback and ideas we can do a lot for content publishers together.

Thank you for your support!

Vladan Hejnic, Co-founder at (