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We interviewed our influencers

We bring you a quick interview of our active creators, who will answer 9 quick questions about blogging, collaboration, or their helpers in creating. Let’s get to it.

Who are we interviewing today?

Brněnská Máma

Katuš Tomíčková

Aneta Chroustová

Blueberry Pink


Why did you start creating content on the Internet?

Brněnská máma: I started writing my own blog with tips for parents during maternity leave with another child, when I didn’t have much time left for classic work, for example part-time, but at the same time I needed to «do something in my head» and not devote myself exclusively to child care all day. .

Katuš: I don’t even remember that, because it’s 7 years ago, but I was probably looking for a new hobby and it never occurred to me that it would really become my job.

Aneta: I enjoyed watching foreign content on Youtube, so when I moved to Brno for college, I thought it was time to try something new, so I shot my first video on Youtube.

Veronika: I wanted to try something new and fill my free time.

Anshule: I watched a lot of foreign artists and it always fascinated me. It wasn’t until I finally decided to start my own YouTube.

What was your first offer for cooperation?

Brněnská máma: The first offer came directly from, it was based on the barter principle and I could choose which product from their wide offer I would like to write about. That suited me.

Katuš: There were a lot of Chinese e-shops and it was the moment I had a few thousand followers.

Aneta: The first collaborations were definitely in the form of a barter – that is, that a company offered me goods for free in exchange for promotion. It was probably an Asian e-shop. But very soon I was also approached by the Maybelline brand and that was really something for me!

Veronika: I think it was Weleda that I work with to this day.

Anshule: The first offers of cooperation were for Asian e-shops with clothes or accessories.

Which offer of cooperation do you always reject?

Brněnská máma: If it is a product that I do not like, which I would never buy myself. If I have to write about something, I must be interested in the matter and, of course, it must also be thematically related to the content of my blog.

Katuš: Most of them. Especially products that come to me that will not be authentically promoted.

Aneta: The one from which it is obvious that it was sent to a lot of other influencers and the company is just trying to catch who catches. Furthermore, offers that do not reflect who I am and what I do. For example, offers of cooperation on diet pills, etc.

Veronika: Promotion of perfumes «inspired» by world brands.

Anshule: I refuse to cooperate, when the company can not worry about finding basic information about influencer. For example, the name, the content of the creator. It doesn’t map its profile and the offer doesn’t match the content I’m creating at all.

How much did you earn the most from one collaboration?

Brněnská máma: Definitely not high sums, I am already pleased with the opportunity to try the product on the basis of barter cooperation and make children happy, for example. I earned the most about 100 EUR.

Katuš: That was about 1.500 euro but it was a three-month collaboration with several outputs.

Aneta: It will be in the order of tens of thousands. I’ve actually lived outside the influencer bubble for a very long time. For a long time I tended to spend little money on my work because it was «stupid» for me. But now I have moved to the stage where I realize how much time such filming, photography, editing, agreement and so on will take me time and I try to have my well-done work paid for well.

What three points must be met for you to nod to the offer for cooperation?

Brněnská máma: The company I have to work with must have a good name, good reviews. The product / service must interest me. The product / service must be related to the content of my website, ie. child care, spending time with children.

Katuš: It will naturally promote my product. I already use it, or before confirming the cooperation I test the thing and it suits me. Ideally when it has some added value.

Aneta: Relevance, closeness, interest to my followers.

Veronika: An interesting campaign, it fits into my concept, I have something to say about the product.

Anshule: I have to identify with the product that the company wants to promote. It’s a product that I really use and will continue to use after the promotion ends. Communication with an advertising agency or directly with a company, I do not like arrogant and meaningless requests from the company and we have to sit down as two parties.

Where do brands make the biggest mistake in addressing influencers?

Brněnská máma: Sometimes they place too many demands that limit the creative freedom of the influencer.

Katuš: A lot of companies want big publicity for little money, which is not fair for creators. Or especially when they do not compromise when agreeing on cooperation. I think it is important to work together.

Aneta: They feel that if they pay us, they can dictate to us what to say about the product. But I would say that the river was more in the past, today the situation is much better and I am happy for that.

Veronika: They often address hundreds of influencers for one and the same campaign – the effect is usually the opposite.

Anshule: Addressing by another name, bad profile mapping, too many output requests for a minimum amount of money.

What camera are you shooting / taking pictures on?

Brněnská máma: Mostly for a mobile phone, it has a quality camera and I always have it on hand. With three small children, it is quite difficult to pull a large camera. Sometimes, however, our husband takes pictures of him, he uses an SLR camera.

Katuš: Canon eos M50

Aneta: I mostly take photos on a phone (Samsung S21) and shoot on a Canon G7X.

Veronika: Olympus Pen EPL 8.

Anshule: Canon G7X and sometimes on my phone Samsung Galaxy S20.

What social network is your favorite?

Brněnská máma: Due to my age and the target audience of my Facebook blog. I basically know him from the beginning and I know him well. Basically, it’s my heart’s business.

Katuš: Youtube and Instagram.

Aneta: Definitely Instagram, TikTok personally strikes me as a waste of time, and on Youtube I (unfortunately) no longer enjoy it so much.

Veronika: Instagram.

Anshule: Definitely Instagram.

Many thanks to all the creators for the interview and we look forward to seeing you again sometime.