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How influencer marketing changed in 2020

The year 2020 was full of changes, in today’s article we will look at how the changes that occurred this year affected global influencer marketing. Let’s take a look at how much the investment in influencer marketing increased compared to 2019, what content the influencers created the most this year, and also how the situation was affected by the coronavirus. In the end, we will look into the future and try to predict the development of influencer marketing for the coming year.

What about content?

In March of this year, a world pandemic broke out and influenced the year-round content of influencers in a big way, first it began to promote the wearing of veils and other caution against coronavirus, which in May replaced the interest in the movement, which spread on social networks. In the overall comparison, the #blacklifematter movement was talked about 5194% more than in 2019.

As for the specific content that affects more together, it was the beauty and fashion section. From the beauty segment, they mainly influence the care of the skin, and from the fashion segment, they mainly influence sports and home clothes. In the beauty segment, it was involved through skin care exactly 199% compared to last year. The Cerave brand was the most shared, having experienced a big boom this year, either on TikTok or on other social networking platforms. In terms of fashion, the involvement of sportswear increased by 331% compared to last year and the involvement of home clothes, pajamas and similar types of products by 177%. On the contrary, interest in the luxury brand and fast fashion has declined. As in 2019, slow fashion and sustainability are on the rise.

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The year 2020 was generally in the spirit of quarantine, coronavirus and TikTok, which became successful at the beginning of the pandemic, mainly due to the light and undemanding content that people were looking for during the pandemic. They wanted to have fun, turn off their minds, and TikTok gave them that. Its increase in the number of active creators thus increased by 368%.

Paid content

After the big boom of TikTok, brands with their paid campaigns also moved to it. The overall increase in paid content through influencers can be seen below. The transfer of paid content thus goes more or less hand in hand with the transfer of influencers, who often visited the already mentioned TikTok.

During the pandemic, we also saw a significant increase in affiliate marketing, which influencers began to use more often than before the pandemic. Especially in the field of fashion, beauty, DIY and pharmacy. Here you can see the most active Czech creators in the field of affiliate. The advantage of the affiliate is that the creators can share it regardless of whether they have an official cooperation with the company or not. We can learn more about how affiliate marketing works on our Contentiamo website.

As for the increase in total global investment in influencer marketing, let’s look at the chart below. According to the chart, inflation marketing is still growing and the global pandemic has not yet affected growth.

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So how has influencer marketing changed?

From the perspective of influencers, topics that are generally beneficial to the world began to be shared. Whether about a pandemic, wearing veils, washing your hands, or information about regulations and policies.

Influencers further moved to TikTok and, compared to 2019, began to use instastories much more compared to contributions to the instagram feed.

Profiles dealing with cooking and DIY have also grown in large numbers this year.

What to expect in 2021?

According to surveys by the Influencer Marketing Hubu 63% of advertisers intend to increase the budget for influencer marketing globally in 2021. We believe that the numbers and use of influencers will grow both locally and globally.

Video content will be widely used. With the advent of reels, IGTV and the increased use of instastories over the instagram feed, the video content that will play in 2021 will increase over the photos. The same goes for paid campaigns. Already, companies or clients prefer authentic video content over photos.

On the daily, the creator on social networks is under increasing pressure about authenticity and naturalness. For 2021, it is predicted that most of the contributions will be more natural and without filters. It seems that the beautifying filters have rang and there are no more trends.

In 2021, we also expect an increase in performance marketing from the use of influencers. Their followers are already oversaturated, advertising hashtags lurk for them at every step, and so influencers slowly move into performance campaigns, mainly on the basis of sales or clicks. For affiliate campaigns and link generation, you can use our platform Contentiamo and create content independently of the agreed campaign with the client.

The involvement of microinfluencers in campaigns will continue to grow. As click-through rates and engagement decline for larger influencers, micro and nano influencers will continue to be used in 2021. In good combination and with the right campaign settings, they bring better results and there is more potential in the future.

Stories everywhere? We now have stories on Twitter, on LinkedIn, where are they still waiting for us everywhere? We will hopefully find out in 2021. We are looking forward to it.